Safety Information

Room Aromas

Safety Information

This information is intended for the purchaser and end user of the product. All our products are for room aroma or room odourisor, leather cleaning or other similar uses only and should under no circumstances be inhaled.


You must not buy or sell this product to anybody under the age of 18 This product is highly flammable – Keep away from flame or fire Eye Irritant – If it comes into contact with eyes flush with water and CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES Harmful & can cause death if swallowed. If swallowed drink two glasses of milk or water and induce vomiting – CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES Can burn skin – AVOID CONTACT.


Directions for use carefully remove wrapping and cap, allow to stand in a well ventilated area and aroma will develop. For cleaning leather, wear protective gloves and put a small drop on some kitchen paper in a well ventilated area outdoors. Using small circular motion rub into leather, clean off immediately with a wet cloth. Never inhale contents directly from bottle.